Our Story

For a very long time, migrants and diaspora communities living in other African countries have been struggling to send or receive money across borders. Some challenges include very few options to transact across borders, bad currency exchange rates, high fees of up to 10%, and up to 3 days for transactions to be processed.

Hurupay is building Paypal for Africa - enabling families and friends across borders to stay financially connected through accessible instant and affordable cross-border payments. Users can deposit with mobile money or bank transfer, access other currencies at a fair exchange rate and send money instantly at a fraction of the fee of traditional banking systems.

The Team

Philip Mburu
James Mugambi
Allan Okoth


To build easy-to-use and affordable solutions that financially connect families and friends no matter where they are located.


We see a future where over 100 million people in Africa are using Hurupay to take control of their finances, protect their revenue against inflation and currency volatility and even make affordable money transactions both locally and globally.


Trasparency & Honesty

We value trust and honesty to create a positive atmosphere for all.


We believe in building our community, and we work together as a team to deliver the best product.

Customer Centric

We strive to understand our customer's pain points, and how our products can help. We are problem-solvers, helping to make our customer's outcome more attainable.

Innovation & Creativity

At Hurupay, we think different. We encourage creativity and give everyone a space to go think crazy.

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