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Let you customers pay you in cUSD, USDT, USDC instantly.

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Accept Stablecoins In 3 Simple Steps

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Download Hurupay Shops App & Create Account.

Accept Payment

Allow Customer to Scan QR Code and Make Payment.

Receive Payment

You will Receive Payment Instantly.

Grow Your Business With Hurupay App

Accept Stablecoin Payments

Stablecoins are non-volatile cryptocurrencies that allow you to accept payments both locally and globally. Accepting stablecoins gives you easier access to dollars without the hassle of opening a dollar account.  

Save Your Money in Dollars

Stablecoins such as cUSD, USDT, and USDC are fully backed by the US dollar (1 stablecoin = 1 dollar). This provides you a reliable and stable form of currency by eliminating the risks associated with depreciating local currencies and ensures your money is protected against inflation.

Enjoy Instant Transactions for Near Zero Fees

Whether you need to make or receive a payment, cUSD and USDT transactions cost $0.001 no matter the amount you are transacting. This helps you reduce operational costs, increase profit, and make your products competitive.

Advertise your Products for Free

On Hurupay Shops App, you can advertise your goods to customers for free to increase your business visibility, customers and sales. Hurupay is designed to help you reach new customers and drive growth.

Free Digital Bookkeeping

With Hurupay, you can easily track and record all your incoming and outgoing payments in one place. You can see all the goods you have sold and which ones brought you more profit.

Hurupay is Your Best Payment App


To accept payment, simply let your customer scan your QR code.  

Instant Transactions

Payments on Hurupay are completed within seconds.

Low Fees

Our fees are the lowest in the market - $0.001.

Multiple Withdrawal Options

You can withdrawal funds to your Momo, Mpesa or Bank.

Advertise Your Goods

Get new customers who are on Hurupay through free in-app advertising.

Increase Sales

Many people in Africa are walking with stablecoins in their wallets, with Hurupay you can easily accept their payments, attracting new sales.

Available Cryptocurrencies On Hurupay App

Celo Dollar

Join a growing number of businesses using Hurupay to grow. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of stablecoin payments!

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