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Hurupay App is the fastest and the easiest way to send money to Africa.

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Why Use Hurupay?

0 Fees

Send money to Africa for 0 fees.

Real-time Transactions

Payments are completed within seconds.

Good Rates

Hurupay has one of the best exchange rate for currencies.

Multiple Deposit & Withdrawal Options

We support most Debit cards.

24/7 Support

We are available at any time and our response time is within 10 min. 


We use blockchain technology to secure user funds.

What Our Customers Say

Catherine Miroko


Within 5 min and at a very low fee, Hurupay allows me to send money to my daughter in Ghana for upkeep.



This app is real and has the best customer service. With it's incredibly high transaction speed to all Countries.

John Kuria


The best app in conversion of currencies. Very efficient, effective, easy to use and very fast.

Aimé Thierry


It was very frustrating to send money from Ghana to another country, but with Hurupay we are able to do it. It's a great app - I recommend it to everyone.

Farha Gafaranga


I love how reliable the App is. My husband abroad sends me money and within minutes its in my account.

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Add Payment Method

Link your debit card and verify your identity.

Send Money

Start sending money to your loved ones.

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What can you do with Hurupay?

Send Money Across Borders

Send money to families and friends
across borders instantly and at low fees.

You can also send money directly to Mobile Money wallets all you need is the recipient's Mobile number, Name and Network operator.

Recieve Payments

Receive money or payments across borders within seconds. The payment can also be sent straight to your mobile money or bank account.

Save in Stablecoins (Dollars)

Stablecoins such as cUSD, USDT, and USDC are fully backed by the US dollar (1 stablecoin = 1 dollar). This provides you a reliable and stable form of currency by eliminating the risks associated with depreciating local currencies and inflation.

Grow Your Money

Saving in Stablecoins gives you an opportunity to earn more as the value of the US dollar appreciates against local currency.

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